How To Evaluate Your Church’s Effectiveness At Hosting Events

March 19, 2014


Churches are KNOWN for hosting events. Churches can host one event after another with great ease.  Although churches are known for hosting events they are also known for not evaluating their effectiveness of hosting events.

How does a church evaluate the effectiveness of an event? What is a simple process for the leadership of a local church to implore for the purpose of evaluating their events? Here are a few thoughts to remember with a simple process that I have picked up from my own experience and from my friend, Jason Cummins:

Evaluation is a multi-purpose tool: 

1. Guide team toward achieving stated objective
2. Identify lessons learned so they can be applied to subsequent events. When lessons are learned and applied to future events then it increases the confidence of the leaders and the participants.

Guidelines for engaging in the process of evaluation. These are sometimes referred to as Guidelines for “Rules of Engagement.”¬†

1. This is a learning activity, not a critique.
2. Everyone on the team should participate.
3. This learning activity and it does not measure success or failure.
4. Be truthful and graceful
5. Be “thick-skinned.”
6. No sleeping. Everyone engaged.

A potential list of questions to use:

1. What were our “wins” for ________________.
2. What actually happened?
3. Why the difference between questions 1 and 2?
4. What did we learn?
5. What needs to change?
6. What’s next?

What is the process your church uses for evaluating events? What would you add? What additional resources would you add?


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