How To Leverage Your Church’s Annual Ministry Report

June 5, 2015


I got the idea to lead our church, Eastside Community Church, to do an annual ministry from Pastor Ron Edmondson of Immanuel Baptist Church in Lexington, KY.

Here are my learnings from our first Annual Ministry Report:

1. It took longer than I anticipated to gather the information and to have our graphic designer design it. Since it took longer than I had originally thought, we did not get our annual ministry report back until the first of March. We didn’t get it to the printer until late February.

2. We shared our annual ministry report with our top tithers before we shared it with anyone else. We had a reception for our top tithers. At the reception we did four things: 1). We said, “Thank you. Thank you for investing in the local church, Eastside.” 2). We shared with them through the annual ministry report the IMPACT of their investment. 3). We had three families to share stories of IMPACT and how Eastside is changing lives. 4). I encouraged them to keep having spiritual conversations with those in their circle of influence.

3. After our reception, we mailed our annual ministry report to every family who gave in 2014.

4. We placed our annual ministry report in the back of chairs and placed them strategically around the church.

5. We have placed the digital annual ministry report on our church’s website page and on our Facebook page so that when people are checking us out through social media they can read all about us.

6. We also send the annual ministry report out to those who have started tithing and/or giving in 2015. We share a thank you note and include the annual ministry report.

7. We have already started collecting data for the 2015 Ministry Report, which should make getting the report out much quicker this time. My goal is to have our annual ministry report meeting with our top tithers by the end of January 2016.

8. Being intentional with Christians who give and support Eastside is part of our mission of making disciples. Disciples of Jesus need to be discipled in this arena as well.

Where would you see leveraging the annual ministry report? What would you add to our report? What would you change?

Click here to see the full report.

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