How To Manage Your Staff Team

May 21, 2014


I am not a manager. I am a leader. Part of leading an organization requires managing your staff team. With the help of a good friend, Bruce Smith, I have been able to minimize the amount of time I invest in managing staff, while at the same time maximizing our results. Here is how we do it at Eastside.

Step 1: Schedule 2-3 hours in a planning session with my staff team.

Step 2: During the planning session, each staff member identifies the top 3 or 4 agenda items which they need to ADVANCE over the next six weeks. They record the number of hours per week they are going to invest in each of the ADVANCE agenda items.

Step 3: Each staff member identifies their top 3 or 4 agenda items which are their CONSTANTS over the next six weeks. These CONSTANT agenda items changes very little. They record the number of hours per week they are going to invest in each of the CONSTANT agenda items.



1. Identify and recruit new elders and business administration team members.
2. Activate Fully Surrendered Disciples (FSD)
3. Remodel, parking lot stripped


1. Lead and manage staff team
2. Sermon preparation
3. Funnel System/Communicate vision

Step 4: Each staff member assigns hours to each of the agenda items (advances and constants). The total weekly hours spent on these items should be between 28-32 hours. With the remaining hours available for meetings, counseling sessions and whatever else the Holy Spirit brings into our spiritual paths. These hours are then mapped out on weekly calendar. Click here to see an example: Virgil’sWeeklyCalender Sheet1

Step 5: I meet weekly with each staff member for one hour to monitor the progress being made with each item.

Step 6: At the end of the six weeks we assign ourselves a grade on each agenda item.

Step 7: Repeat the process

How do you manage your staff team? What would you add?


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