How To Pray For Your Family in 2014

January 1, 2014


praylikejesus_sqDear E-News Friends,

I know that I need to pray more than I do for my family and friends. Do you need to pray more for your loved ones?

Get your Bible or your Bible App out and read John 17. As you read John 17 there are 7 specific things that Jesus prayed for His disciples. I believe these are things we should pray for our family and friends.

Below are the 7 ways I found to pray for my loved ones.

1. Pray for your loved ones to be KEPT by the Father. (v. 11)

2. Pray for your loved ones to be ONE. (v. 11) It is so easy for tension and division to manifest its ugly head in one’s family.

3. Pray for your loved ones to experience the COMPLETE JOY of Christ. (v. 13) Joy is such a missing ingredient in so many individuals and families lives today. We are a generation characterize by anger and hate rather than joy.

4. Pray for your loved to be kept safe from the TRICKS and SCHEMES of the evil one (v. 15) Enough said here. There is no question that the evil one seeks to kill and destroy (Jn 10:10)

5. Pray for your loved ones to be different and set apart from the rest of the world by knowing and applying the Word of God (v. 17)

6. Pray for your loved ones who doesn’t know Christ that they will be able to spend ETERNITY with you in heaven. (v. 24)

7. Pray that the love of the Father would be at WORK and prevalent in the lives of your loved ones (v. 26)

What other ways have you found to intercede for you loved ones? What are your favorite methods for praying for your family members?


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