July 30, 2013




According to Jim Putman of Real Life Ministries, the equation for relational discipleship is…

Intentional Leader + Relational Environment + Reproducible Process + Biblical Foundation + Alignment = Relational Discipleship

In this entry we are going to explore the attributes of an intentional leader. (See first post in this series by click here)

Intentional leadership defines the things that are necessary to make disciples.  For me, this is the cornerstone of the process. Without an intentional leader, other attributes are likely not going to emerge in the discipleship process.

How was Jesus intentional in making disciples? Think through some of the many things he did as a disciple-maker. Here is a partial list of Jesus’ disciple-making activities: he prayed for his disciples; he empowered them when he sent them out two by two; he cast vision with them; he asked them for their opinions; he answered their questions; he used everyday moments to teach them about the kingdom.

How can you be an intentional leader in making disciples?  Here is a list of possible action items:

  • Establish ground rules and clearly outline expectations for your time together with your disciples;
  • Cast vision or purpose of the discipleship relationship or the small group you are leading;
  • Be prepared for your discipleship or small group meetings;
  • Challenge them to live like Jesus. Challenge them to sacrifice their time, talents, treasures and plans for the purposes of God;
  • Challenge them to start making disciples. Begin at home with their spouse, children, brothers or sisters;
  • Celebrate progress and movement among your disciples as you see them grow.

What would you add? What are you doing in your circles of influence to be an intentional leader?


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