International Mission Trip to Guatemala

February 1, 2010


International Mission Trip to Guatemala

An 8 day mission trip is scheduled for July 31st – August 7th to Prince of Peace Home for Girls in Guatemala. This trip is available for men, women, and children 8 years of age and older.  There is a need for men and women with a background in construction to assist with a building project, and there is a need for people with a medical background to assist in the medical clinic. Whatever your background may be, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn, to grow, and serve.

The projected cost for each team member to participate in this trip is estimated to be $1000; $200 for food and lodging and approx $750 for airfare .  This cost may vary according to the price of airfare; the current rate for a flight to Guatemala is $750. To participate in this mission trip you need:

1. To fill out a team member application (contact Amy for an application),
2. aAply for a US passport if you do not have a current passport (contact your local post office to schedule a time to apply for a passport), and
3. Pay a $250 non refundable deposit by March 31st, 2010. 

For applications and further information please contact Amy Collins at (859)979-1962 or


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