Is Your Church Adding or Multiplying?

September 2, 2013



Why Discipleship?

Someone has said, “that the church is losing ground today because we’re adding people to the kingdom of God while the population of the world is multiplying. I know this is true for the community, which I live in. We are a church of 550 believing that God is calling us to be a church of 1,000. If we add 500 more people to the kingdom of God then we have added less than 1% of the unchurched population of our community. Currently there are 60,000 people in my community who are unchurched.

If we are going to reach the world then it has to come through multiplication and not through addition. Allow me to explain the difference this way: if you were to lead one person to Christ every day for the next 50 years, by the end of that period there would be 18,250 people in the kingdom of God as a result of your witness. But, let’s say you led one person to Christ and then spent an entire year helping that person grow to maturity. You showed the person how to imitate Christ and lead others to Him. By the end of year one, there would be two of you.

If you each won a person to Christ and trained him or her to be disciples, by the end of the second year there would be four of you. By the end of year three, there would be eight and so on. Now, if this process continued with no broken links in the chain, at the end of 33 years, there would be over 8,500,000,000 of you.

This is the reason we need discipleship, it’s the only way to reach the world for Jesus. If Jesus spent three years investing/pouring in to 12 disciples then shouldn’t you and I adopt His plan?  Jesus’ method and message is still relevant in the 21st Century.

Who are you discipling? Is your church in the “business” of addition or multiplying?


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