It’s Time To Rebuild

January 27, 2012


Dear E-News Friends,

One of my favorite stories is about a personal hero of mine, Thomas Alva Edison. He invented the incandescent light bulb and the automobile battery, and he pioneered the film industry. It’s not just his creative intelligence I admire but also his tenacious spirit.

Toward the autumn years of his life, he worked in a modest building that resembled an old barn. There with his son, Edison would work late into the night laboring diligently to perfect his inventions. One evening, in an attempt to improve the retention of a battery’s charge, an unfortunate combination of chemicals caused his experiment to burst into flames. Flickering tongues of fire went licking and lapping up the side of the dry old barn. Within a few minutes, the whole barn was ablaze.

Edison’s apprentice son ran out of the barn in time to see the 60-foot flames devour the entire building. Quickly realizing that his father was nowhere to be seen, he began to call out desperately for his father. “Dad! Dad, get out of there!” He feared that his father might be inside, going down with his precious life’s work. “Dad!” he cried, as he frantically ran around the barn searching for any sign of his dad.

Just as he came around the corner for a third time, he almost ran headlong into his father whose hands were thrust deep in his pockets. Both his smock and white hair were now covered in a thick layer of black soot. He stood oblivious to it all, gazing intently at the flames.

“Dad! I was afraid you would go down with the flames,” cried his son in sheer relief.

Without taking his eyes off the flames, Thomas Edison said, “Son, go get your mother!”

“But why, Dad?” asked the shocked son.

The senior Edison answered, “Because your mother comes from a very small town and she has never seen a fire like this!”

After a couple more minutes, the whole barn was just a smoldering heap. When it had finally been reduced to ash, the legendary Edison turned to his son and asked, “Do you know anyone with a tractor?”

“Sure, Dad. A guy down the road has one. But why do you want it now?”

Edison said, “Because it’s time to rebuild.”

***Source is unknown

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Pastor VG



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