Learnings From Facilitating My First StratOp Session

June 13, 2014

I just completed my initial StratOp Plan within a month of being certified as a facilitator with the Paterson Center. The Center encouraged all facilitators-in-training to conduct their first StratOp as soon as possible.A local business man who is a member of the church I pastor took a risk and allowed me to facilitate my first StratOp with his team. Here are the key things I learned:1. The phrase, “Trust the process” is absolutely true. The process was a home run.2.  The other phrase, which was repeated over and over in our training was, “You are the process expert. The company or team you are working with is the content expert,” is absolutely true. My first StratOp was with a business which I knew nothing about. I was amazed at how the process really worked.3. I drew the constructs before our meeting. Drawing the constructs in advance saved time during the meeting. However, I underestimated the time it took to draw these sheets up. Allow ample time to draw the sheets up beforehand.4.  After the first day, my confidence level went through the roof as a facilitator because I made ample preparations but did not over prepare.5.  I made a few financial mistakes conducting my first StratOp.  Thankfully the company I was working with demonstrated grace to me during the process. I did the StratOp for almost free. However, I didn’t realize or explain the $99.00 licensing fee nor did I explain the playbook fee on the front end as a possibility for them to ponder. Nor did I calculate the cost of a pad of paper for drawing the constructs. Fortunately for me the owner completely understood my oversights and gracefully paid for all the items above.

I’m sure there are other insights to be learned with my next StratOp but what are you learning as a seasoned facilitator or as a newbie?



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