LifePlan Experience

April 16, 2014


I recently spent two days working through my LifePlan Process with a facilitator.  I spent the first day gaining perspective on my life, then I spent the second day putting together a plan for the next twenty years of ministry. I found this process to be very beneficial and very helpful for me as a leader. Here are the 10 things that I walked away with from my LifePlan Process:

1. A better understanding of how God has gifted me.

2. A clear life purpose and vision statements for my life.

3.  What helps me to be the best me and what keeps me from being the best me.

4. A clearer understanding of how to shepherd God’s kids.

5. Confirmation and affirmation about where I am as a leader.

6. Clear next steps for my journey.

7.  A timeline of my life with a deeper understanding of how each of these turning points are being used for God’s glory.

8. Knowing my core values as person.

9. Understanding the necessity of replenishment and which activities replenish me.

10. Surrender is the only life to live on this side of heaven.

Do you have clarity for your life? What steps can you take to gain clarity for your life?


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