The LifePlan™ Includes:

  1. A heavy emphasis on gaining full perspective, with the first day and a half spent discovering where you stand today, how you got to where you are, and what God has called you to do and become (or what you shouldn’t do or become).
  2. Further clarity and breakthroughs in each of your five Life Domains: Personal, Family, Vocation, Church, and Community.
  3. A half-day spent crafting plans for each life domain and creating an accountability and management framework to help you manage and renew your LifePlan™ in the future.
  4. The process guides you to deeper awareness of your giftedness and your life’s purpose.
  5. A customizable, doable action plan.

What is the Cost?

Developing a plan for your life is the most important investment you will ever make.  It can result in a life-long, exciting adventure of living the life God meant you to live. The fee for the two-day LifePlan™ process is $3,000.00 ($2,500.00 for Pastors).  Lodging, breakfasts, dinners, and travel expenses are your responsibility.

What is the Next Step?

Call me at 859-661-5373 or email me at to discuss your readiness and to schedule your two-day LifePlan. You can also download a digital brochure HERE.