Love Can Reach MORE People and Build a New Facility

November 16, 2015


This coming Sunday is “Commitment Sunday” at Eastside. Below is the response card that we are asking each “stakeholder” at Eastside to fill out. We have been asking you to pray a very simple prayer: “Lord, what do you want to do through me to accomplish your LOVE CAN vision at Eastside?” 

The purposes of LOVE CAN is about YOU and what God wants to do in and through you. Our goals are for everyone to make a commitment to reach more people for Christ; for each person to take their next spiritual step; and to donate financially to our new building program so we can keep on reaching more people.

Here is the response card that will be available on Sunday for you to complete.


Here is a picture of the new 6,500 sq ft facility which we are hoping to build.


Below is a close up shot of the new facilities which will have a new state of the art kitchen and second level. LOVE CAN! Our goal financially is to raise over the next 12 or 13 months $400,000.00 to help us to build this new facility.



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