Make Your Life Count!

June 19, 2015


Our human need to have a sense of meaning—a compelling purpose in life—is indeed a God-given need. The desire to contribute and do something great with our lives is a God-given desire. It is part of being created in His image.

Do you want your life to count for something?

Do you want to accomplish something great?

Of course you do. So do I. But we have a problem—a big problem. Everything in our world system screams that we should find our meaning in life from possessions, pleasures, power, or even from popularity. We know from personal experience that none of these items really provides long-term satisfaction in life. What provides long term satisfaction? I have personally found discovering one’s purpose in life is critical to long term satisfaction. Think about it. How can you have satisfaction if you are not living out your life’s purpose? You can’t. It’s impossible.

How does one discover their core talents, purpose, vision, and strategies for living a life on purpose? I would suggest that you click here to discover if you are living your life on purpose. If you are not living your life on purpose then click here to learn how you discover your LifePlan.

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