Making Room

May 16, 2013



You pull into your favorite restaurant with your family of 4, there are people standing outside, you push through the crowded lobby to find a hostess. After learning that there is a 30 minute wait, you realize there is no place for your family to sit or stand for the next half hour. At this point you are probably frustrated and wondering why you chose to come here in the first place. Does this sound familiar?

Every Sunday at Eastside, we have a multitude of guests visiting for the first time. They are looking to be welcomed and accepted. As they walk into worship they find a crowded room with no place to sit, and feeling much like we have all felt at a crowded restaurant. We don’t want our guests to wonder why they came to Eastside in the first place.

We have a seat for them at Eastside and we need you to help them find it. We are asking you to move to the front of the sanctuary and toward the center of the row. This will help guests not feel uncomfortable searching for an available seat with everyone watching them.

Our Ambassador’s and Usher’s will be asking for your help beginning this Sunday. Please join us in creating a welcoming and friendly environment at Eastside.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Carla Perry
Connexions Director
Eastside Community Church

PS Join me at our Fully Surrendered Meeting on Sunday night at 6:00pm. We will be having a time of worship then hear from Pastor Virgil. Remember you don't have to have it all figured out. Come and see.


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