Master Plan of Evangelism Principles

August 15, 2012


The staff team at Eastside is studying a book by Dr. Robert Coleman titled, The Master Plan of Evangelism. Dr. Coleman will be conducting a special seminar at Eastside on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 from 9:00 am to NOON on this particular book. The other day I was on YouTube and found a series of videos where Dr. Coleman present the principles from his book. Here is the link to the video series – just click here.

Below you will find the notes from Dr. Robert Coleman Video Series on The Master Plan of Evangelism:

1. Incarnation- Jesus Became a Servant
We must take the Servant’s Mantle

• Serving people brings opportunities to disciple.
• Find the felt needs of people and meet them.
• Seeking people in need is our responsibility.

A shepherd goes after the lost sheep.

2. Selection- Jesus looked for disciples
We must concentrate on leaders.

• Pray for God to raise them up.
• Notice receptive hearts, especially those drawn to us.
• A few such persons are within an influence.
• Keep a low profile

3. Association- Jesus stayed with his pupils
We must be close to growing disciples.

• Bring them into the routines of daily life.
• Seek ways for casual fellowship.
• Arrange times together for prayer and study of scripture.
• Some fellowship can be scheduled in small groups.
• Occasionally arrange an extended period for reflection

This principle is just being together…it’s so simple, we often overlook it.

4. Consecration- Jesus expected obedience (motivated by love and expressed by faith)
We must follow Christ to learn of him.

• Stress the practical aspect of faith.
• Accept a disciple of devotion and work.
• Expect situations that challenge commitment.
• Embrace the cross daily.

We don’t have to know everything to be a disciple; we just have to love him.

We learn best by imitation. When you are known as a servant you will never lack disciples.

5. Demonstration- Jesus shared how to minister
We must model the lesson.

• Let them see our priorities and values lived out.
• Share the inner life of the soul.
• Make clear what is meant by personal ministry
• Short coming and failures can become means of teaching.

In practice you never separate these principles while Coleman discusses making disciples is a command and is never dependent on gifts.

6. Delegation- Jesus gave them something to do
We must involve learners in ministry

• Make specific assignments.
• Utilize their gifts and skills.
• First duties can be routine tasks.
• More and more demanding ministries.
• Help them take leadership roles in the church.

7. Supervision- Jesus made disciples accountable
We much keep check on them.

• Have frequent times of review-ask questions.
• Work on attitudes and character traits.
• Affirm their strengths and self-worth.
• Avoid becoming authoritarian- let the word speak.

Keep the focus on CHRIST, NOT YOURSELF.

8. Reproduction- Jesus anticipated fruitfulness
We must make disciples.

• Disciples become like their leader
• Develop a vision of multiplication.
• Dream with them about the role in the harvest.
• Anticipate the final in gathering.

This is a working day now; we will rest in the next world.

9. Impartation-Jesus gave them his spirit
We must let the spirit of Christ have his way.

• God’s work can only be done in his power.
• Cherish for every disciple the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
• Trust them to His leadership.

The presence of Christ is not a renewal of heaven; it is the joyous experience of every disciple fulfilling the Great Commission.



  1. Steve Hopkins says: August 28, 2012

    Great post Virgil, wish I could be there on the 11th!

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