Midweek Report from Pastor VG

January 19, 2011


Dear Friends,

This week has been crazy. I am sure it has been crazy for you as well. It sounds like it might get even crazier if we get the snow they are forecasting for our area. I will not keep you long but here is a brief report from the home front:

1. We had 391 people on campus on Sunday. We are going to break the 400 mark any Sunday now.

2. Welcome Jay, Lacey & Jacob Dixon to our church fellowship. They joined Eastside on Sunday afternoon.

3. The Sanctuary Makeover is in fullswing. We will start on February 13th and will be ready for March 6th Worship Service. The 20th and 27th of February we will have worship at Madison Central High School located on 2nd Street in Richmond. Click here to learn of the details of the makeover.

4. Don’t miss this Sunday as we continue with our sermon series Practical Atheist. If you missed any of the messages then go to www.eastside-cc.com and click on the audio icon.

5. Please be in prayer for each other. There are a lot of hurting people at Eastside. A lot of people are entangled in sin. We need to encourage each other.

Have a great day,

Pastor VG


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