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May 19, 2011


Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the prayers, text messages, and emails asking about how I am feeling. I am still struggling with the sickness (coughing, headache, and congestion). Your prayers are still needed. Please keep on lifting me up to the Lord.

Two quick announcements:

1. Anyone interested in serving in the worship ministry there will be training this weekend for the following areas: computer (we are installing a new computer and software system, lights, and sound). If you are interested in serving then please contact Brad Perry at or at 893-0442. Times of training (attend one): Saturday, May 21st from eitherĀ 2-5pm or 5:30pm to 8:30 pm or Sunday, May 22nd after Sunday worship.

2. Mission Meal and Commissioning Service for 10 Students going to Thailand is this Sunday. During our worship gathering on Sunday, Eastside has been asked to commission 10 students/leaders going to Thailand on a 45 day mission trip. Immediately following our worship gathering we will have a mission meal where all the proceeds will go toward their trip. Here is some information:

Leave for Thailand: June 1st
Location: Khon Kaen, Thailand at Northeastern University.
Come back to the States- July 22nd

Population of Thailand- 64 million
Religion- 95% Buddhist, 4.4% Muslim, 0.6% Christian

Top Row (Left to right)
Matt Murray, Brent Klein, Noah Moran, Duke McClellan, Ross Buskey

Bottom Row (Left to right)
Courtney Murray, Taylor Church, Daly Wardlaw, Hannah Trivitt, Stephanie Lynch

Objectives for the summer:

  • To grow in our intimacy with God
  • To be humble, vulnerable and teachable to each other
  • To grow in our vision of the world one person at a time
  • To serve the COT team and Thai students
  • To be flexible and live outside our comfort zone
  • To grow in evangelism skills and conviction

Prayer Guide:

  1. That we would develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ in another culture
  2. That we would serve the campus and learn ministry skills from the Campus Outreach Thailand (COT) staff
  3. Grow in how to love & build relationships with Thai students daily on & off campus
  4. Thai students would come to know Christ and become disciples after we leave by staying in contact with the COT staff
  5. That our vision for the world would grow and we would wisely apply what we learn in Thailand to life in the States.
  6. Safety



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