Mission Giving Update

May 3, 2010


Dear Eastside Family,

I would like to give you a quick update on your FAITHFULNESS in the arena of financial giving.  Your faithfulness in this arena has allowed us to continue to shine as a bright light in a dark and gloomy world. Thank you for your on-going giving to the ministries of Eastside.

Here is a re-cap of year-to-date giving:

Regular tithes and offerings: $132,308.52
Designated money for building payment: $17,615.00
Other designated money received: $5,135.00

Total Giving: $155,058.52

RE-cap of mission donations for year-to-date: 

International mission trip to Guatemala: $3,780.00
Noah’s Ark Spring Consignment Sale donations: $5,750.00
Local mission (5% of total regular offering): $6,558.95
Cooperative Program (5% of total regular offering) $6,558.95
Campus Outreach: $1,450.00
Haiti Relief Efforts: $3,810.54
God’s Outreach Food Pantry: $950.00
Designated Mission Funds for families in Richmond: $1,150.00

Total Mission Expenses: $31,010.10

Way to go, Eastsiders. You are the best.

I love being your pastor,

Pastor VG




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