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June 21, 2010


Dear Friends,

I have only one word for the last several weeks, “WOW! UNBELIEVABLE! AWSOME!” Okay, I used more than one word to describe the last several weeks. As great as the last several weeks has been the next several weeks are going to be even better.

Here is a highlight of the last several weeks:

Eastside’s 12th Annual Golf Scramble:

Total Funds Received: $5,876.76
Funds for Youth Mission Trip: $1,142.00
Funds for Feed My Starving Children: $2,192.38
Funds for Guatemala Trip: $2,542.38

Neighborhood Impact Projects have started around our community. Eastside’s Youth Group this past Saturday picked up 12 miles of trash in Irvine. The county government then donated $600.00 ($50.00 per mile) to a non-profit organization in Irvine called WestCare. Way to go!

If you are interesting in helping out with a Neighborhood Impact Project then click here to learn more.

Faith Promise Giving Update (AKA $100,000.00 in 6 months)

Families Committed: 67
Amount Pledged: $78,634.62
Amount Given: $30,004.54
Amount Needed: $21,365.38

Feed My Starving Children Update

We have the funds ($34,000) in the bank to purchase the 200,000 meals for our upcoming packing event which is scheduled for October 16-18, 2010. If you are interesting in helping with packing the meals then please contact Vivian Wallace at viviwallace@nullgmail.com

Thanks to everyone who has helped/assisted/given/prayed or whatever to help us to be a blessing to others. I love this CHURCH! Don’t forget to be in prayer for our youth mission trip to North Carolina and our international mission trip to Guatemala.

Love and Prayers,

Pastor VG


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