My Next Spiritual Step: Moving

October 15, 2014


As many of you know by now, Rose and I have decided to sell the home we are currently living in. Once we sell our current home, we are going to build a new home. Many of you are wondering why. It’s not because we are building a bigger home. In fact, we are building a smaller home. We are building a new home because it is our NEXT SPIRITUAL STEP. This is what God is calling us to do. Allow me to explain.

In March I went to Nashville, Tennessee to experience Tom Paterson’s LifePlan Process. This two day intense one-on-one process brought clarity to my life, and to Rose and I as to our next spiritual steps. We are building a new house so it can be a platform for me to disciple, and to invest in others– either by walking them through their LifePlan Process or leading a team and/or company through the StratOp Process. We want our home to be user-friendly for out-of-town guests who may come in for the LifePlan Process and for teams who will visit our home. We truly want our home to a place of ministry and influence.

Here are some of the nuggets from my life that led us to these next spiritual steps.

My Heart:

WHAT DO I CARE ABOUT: I care about helping people get healthy so they can advance the kingdom.
WHAT DO I DREAM ABOUT: Me investing in leaders and organizations, while having fun in life in my home.
MY “OPUS GLORIA”:  Virgil worshiped God, led his family and others into a growing relationship with Jesus.

My Personal Values: 

JESUS – I above Jesus above everything else.
FAMILY – I value my family; it’s my place of legacy.
HEALTH – I value being the best version of me – It’s how I engage in the world.
LEADING – I value making the world better.

My Life Pathway:

MY LIFE PURPOSE (Why I Exist) I exist to influence and lead leaders and organizations while pointing them to Jesus.

MY LIFE VISION (Where I’m Headed) I am a vital leader and mentor. My family members are disciples of Jesus. The organizations I am assisting are growing toward health. I have multiple generations of disciples that I have discipled who are making disciples. The community and her leaders are more God-centered.

What is your next spiritual step? What is God calling you to do? I would love to hear from you.


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