My Prayer of Surrender

July 2, 2014


Lord, you are the reason for life. The only reason for my existence is to live my life for You. You have called me to to take care of your children.

Lord, I surrender my life, my dreams, my hopes, and my future to You. I want to pursue you with my entire being. Because You have the Master Game Plan for the journey ahead. I want to be on the Great Adventure with you rather than on my little adventure.

Lord, my family is a gift from you that I am to be a steward or manager of. I am to point them to You.

Lord, my reputation is not even an issue. You renown glory is the ONLY thing that matters. I surrender my reputation, my desire for fame, fortune, power, control, or significant relationships to You. I surrender my pride, my flesh, my desires, and my wishes also to You.

Money is only a tool to be used to bring glory to Your name. The love of money is the root of all evil. Money is never to be worshiped; only You are to be worshiped.

Lord, my identity, self-worth, and net-worth has nothing to do with my possessions. My identity is only in You. My possessions are to be surrendered to You to help your children and to advance the kingdom of God.

Time is the sum of one’s life. Time is God’s gift to me. What I do with my time is my gift to God. Lord, my time and schedule belongs to you. I surrender my time to Your plan for my life.

In order to bring glory to You my energy and my level of engagement depends on me surrendering my health to you. Lord, my body is to be a temple where the Holy Spirit dwells. I surrender my body to you.

The only life worth living this side of heaven is the Fully Surrendered Life. I surrender my entire life to you for my good and for Your glory. Amen.

What would your “Prayer of Surrender” look like? What would you be willing to surrender to God?


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