New Sermon Series Coming

January 2, 2012


Dear E-News Friends,

Join us on Sunday, January 8, 2012 as we start an exciting new sermon series, Christianity Illustrated, exploring 12 of Jesus’ parables. When Jesus wanted to drive home a point about God, his kingdom, and how life worked in the kingdom, he often did it by telling a story, a parable. Jesus is going to be our teacher over the next 12 weeks, and he’s going to stretch our minds, pierce our hearts, and shape our souls. By the end of our journey, you will know God better than you ever have, love him more than you’ve ever loved him, and live more faithfully than you ever lived before. Our prayer is that each person will discover the life-changing truths from the parables of Jesus.

Everyone will receive a copy of the Christianity Illustrated small group study guide. This guide will serve as our study resource for the entire 12-week sermon series. Additionally, we are challenging each small group to embrace a more missional focus during this study. Information about this missional project is included in your study guide.

Each small group leader will receive adequate copies for their entire small group – please ask your small group leader for details.

Happy New Year,

Pastor VG


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