Open Letter From Pastor Virgil

April 19, 2011


Hello Eastside….I have a couple things to share with you.

#1 — This is EASTER WEEK! To quote Perry Noble, “The TOMB IS EMPTY! It is a reminder that WE WIN because HE WON!  We’re not fighting FOR victory…we’re fighting FROM victory!”  Let’s CELEBRATE who HE is all week long and ANTICIPATE what He is going to do this weekend at Eastside.

#2 — Continue to invite those that the Holy Spirit prompts you to invite. If God has put someone on your heart that does not know Christ OR that once walked with Christ but has “strayed off the path” then you are responsible to have a conversation with that person.

#3 — Please keep our Easter services in your prayers this week! Our services will be at 9:00 am and 10:50 am on Sunday Morning. Please, please, please, please come out to the 9:00 am worship in order to make room for those who will be attending at 10:50 am. One more favor, would you be willing to sit down front or toward the front and save the back section for those who are running late. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

#4 — Inviting others to attend church with you can be very intimidating. Remember, this is not about YOU! It is about them getting connected to Jesus. Take a risk! Take a chance! Take a leap of faith and invite someone right now to come too church with you on Sunday. I dare you :).

Love and Prayers,

Pastor V



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