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February 20, 2012


Dear E-News Friends,

I received this post from @markbatterson who is the pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC. I love this post so I am sharing it with you. I really believe that it illustrates what we are trying to do here at Eastside.

If you would like to receive our upcoming short daily devotions regarding revival and spiritual awakening via text message starting March 1, 2012 then please text revival to 859-661-5373 (if you have already submitted your cell number to us then no need to reply to this request). We will culminate our time of praying for revival with a Sacred Assembly on Friday, March 23, 2012 at 6:39 pm at Eastside.

12 Prayer Maxims by Mark Batterson

I love maxims. Always have. Always will. Jesus was the master of maxims! He could say so much with so few words. I’ve always strived to not just love like Him and pray like Him, but also talk like Him! Sometimes the way to say more is to say less. Here are 12 prayer maxims from The Circle Maker.

1. Prayer is the difference between YOU FIGHTING FOR GOD and GOD FIGHTING FOR YOU.

2. Prayer turns appointments in DIVINE APPOINTMENTS.

3. Pray like it DEPENDS ON GOD and work like it DEPENDS ON YOU.

4. If you don’t establish a PRAYER HABIT you’ll never break the SIN HABIT.

5. Prayer is the difference between THE BEST YOU CAN DO and THE BEST GOD CAN DO.

6. The more you HAVE TO DO the more you HAVE TO PRAY.

7. You are only ONE PRAYER away from a totally different life.

8. The MORE YOU PRAY the MORE YOU DREAM and the more you dream the more you HAVE to pray.

9. WHO YOU BECOME is determined by HOW YOU PRAY.

10. 100% of the prayers you DON’T pray WON’T get answered.

11. God honors BOLD PRAYERS because BOLD PRAYERS honor God.

12. The greatest tragedy in life are the prayers that go UNANSWERED because they go UNASKED.

I love each one of you with all my heart. I love being your pastor,

Pastor VG



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