Prayers Are Needed

August 8, 2011


Dear E-News Friends,

Eastside needs your prayers. We are going into an intense time of outreach and growth. We will be launching a new spiritual growth campaign titled, The Me I Want To Be, which will begin Sunday, September 11, 2011. We are seeking to connect as many people as we can to a small group. We are asking everyone to join a small group for 6 weeks. We are entering into a time of spiritual warfare.

Here are some thoughts for you as you join us in praying for this intense time of spiritual growth:

Don Chapman once made the comment, “Pray as you can; don’t pray as you can’t.” Prayer is one area which most Christians struggle with. I would like to share the following story that may give you assurance that when you pray GOD HEARS YOU:

“Let us suppose you give your three-year-old daughter a coloring book and a box of crayons for her birthday. The following day, with the proud smile only a little one can muster, she presents her first pictures for inspection. She has colored the sun black, the grass purple, and the sky green. In the lower righthand corner, she has added woozy wonders of floating slabs and hovering rings; on the left, a panoply of colorful, carefree squiggles. You marvel at her bold strokes and intuit that her psyche is railing against its own cosmic puniness in the face of big, ugly world. Later at the office, you share with your staff your daughter’s first artistic effort and you make veiled references to the early work of van Gogh. A little child cannot do a bad coloring, nor can a child of God do bad prayer.”  (p. 155 The Ragamuffin Gospel).

Pray. You can never do a bad prayer as God’s child. Eastside is on the verge of greatness. All prayers are needed.

Praying With You and For You,

Pastor VG


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