Prayers Are Needed

March 19, 2011


Dear Friends,

The other day I read a post from Bob Burford (click here to read the post) which he describes how he organizes his days around 6 words: FREE Days, FOCUS Days, and BUFFER Days. Here is how Bob describes each day from his blog….

” A Focus Day is primetime for work. For an NFL Quarterback, it is time to suit up and get your game face on – time to concentrate. Buffer Days are for practice, preparation, fulfilling promises and cleaning up all those loose ends (dental appointments and email responses). A Free Day is a 24-hour period dedicated to rest, recharging and recreation.”

For the next two weeks (March 21st-March 31st) I am going to be in FOCUS DAY MODE! I am going to seek to accomplish the following agenda items:

  • Finish up the sermon series “Intimacy with God”
  • Prepare this year’s Easter Message – “Beyond the Grave”
  • Make preparations for May’s new sermon series “Finding Your PLACE”. This will be Eastside’s Spring Church-Wide Spiritual Growth Campaign which will be during the month of May.

I would appreciate your prayers during this time of FOCUS! I hope you have a great week.

Go Cats,

Pastor Virgil



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