Priority #2

February 23, 2010


For the last several months the elders at Eastside has requested your prayers as we seek the Lord’s face as to what the church’s priorities should be for the upcoming days. After much prayer and thought we are ready to go public with the priorities. Thank you for all your prayers. Your prayers are still needed. Please keep on praying for us.

Yesterday I shared the first of three initiatives as set out by the Elders of Eastside. If you missed yesterday’s post then click here to read the article.

Priority #2: Small Group Ministry:

  • To have more people in small groups then we have in worship. Spiritual transformation happens best in a small group Bible Study setting.
  • To start 15 new small groups by the end of the 2010.  We would like to see more families start new small groups in their neighborhood/subdivision. We are encouraging families to be Jesus to those in their neighborhood/subdivision. 
  • Conduct a Fall Campaign (Life’s Healing Choices:  an 8-week spiritual growth campaign based on The Beatitudes. Help people find freedom from hurts, hang-ups, and habits) as a connecting point to help us with our goal of 15 new small groups.
  • In 2011 have two campaigns as connecting points (February and September).
  • Change the 2010 Summer Small Group Schedule for more opportunities for serving and fellowshipping (more information coming soon!).
  • Mobilize small group coaches for greater impact with small group leaders and small group H.O.S.T.s.

Later this week, I will share the last initiative or priority #3.


Pastor VG


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