Priority #3

February 27, 2010


Dear Church Family and Friends,

Earlier this week, I started the process of sharing the 3 main priorities of Eastside as outlined by our Elders. If you haven’t read about priority #1 or priority #2 then please visit my blog at

In this post, I would like to share with you priority #3 which deals with administrative issues.  Here we go:

Priority #3: Administrative Issues

REMINDER: The goal of all three of these priorities are to continue to position Eastside to REACH MORE PEOPLE so we CAN GIVE MORE!

1. Extreme Sanctuary MakeoverWe live in a day and age often referred to as an E.P.I.C. GenerationExperiential, Participatory, Image-Driven, and Connected. 

Let me give a quick example: you go into an Apple Store you will find this to be very true. You can experiment with every ipod, iphone, or computer that Apple sells. The same is very true for the Nintendo Wii System. The Wii is popular because it allows the user to be more hands-on and more interactive with other players.

The “makeover” will consist of us adding the following:
^2 Additional projection screen, to the right and the left of the current projection screen.
*2 Additional projectors
^2 New cameras to project people on the screens (worship team, pastor, baptism, congregation, etc)
*1 Intercom Set with 3 Headsets for the camera crew to talk with each other as they film the worship gathering and project on screen.
This addition will allow us to video tape our worship gatherings and to put our worship gathering online via video (i.e. YouTube, Viemo, Eastside’s Website, and other websites). Hopefully we can continue to upgrade our electronics to get to the place to do live videostreaming. Plus we will have the capacity with this upgrade to video testimonies, put video updates on our website. The possibilities are really wide open.  Click on this link to see the projected cost for this makeover: DVIQ15630 AV Upgrade 

Our goal would be to have the dollars raised first before we begin. Quicker the funds come in the quicker we could implement the new makeover. More information about funding will be forthcoming.

2. Name Change for Eastside BaptistOur present name represents our current location (i.e. the Eastside of town). Our current name does not reflect who we are as a congregation (i.e. our DNA). We feel that any denominational label limits us in reaching more people for Jesus. Most people at Eastside are not from an particular religious background. When people hear a denominational label then immediately they have negative connotations.

  • We also fully believe that we have to keep our BAPTIST ROOTS and foundation. We are not leaving the Southern Baptist Convention rather we are changing our name to that of a “community church.”
  • We are convinced that changing our name to a “community church” will open doors up for Eastside to reach more people for Jesus and to give more.
  • The next (younger and 20 something) generation is attracted to a “cause” rather than a “denomination label.”
  • A new name has not been selected at this time.  
  • The target date for a new name would be 1-1-2011!

If you have any questions/feedback/comments then please feel free to contact any of the elders: Pastor Virgil, Chris Clark, or Larry Taulbee.

 Love and Prayers,

 Pastor VG, Chris, & Larry


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