Questions for the New Year

January 1, 2010


Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Publisher, published a blog entry entitled “Seven Questions to Ask About Last Year“.  I think his seven questions are very powerful. I would like to encourage each person to take a few minutes and spend some time reflecting and answering the following questions before you rush into the New Year.

I would encourage you to find a quiet place to reflect on these questions. Paper and pen would be helpful as well:

  1. If the last year were a movie of your life, what would the genre be? Drama, romance, adventure, comedy, tragedy, or a combination?
  2. What were the two or three major themes that kept recurring? These can be single words or phrase.

      3.   What did you accomplish this past year that you are the most proud of? These can be in any area of your life—spiritual, relational, vocational physical, etc. Be as specific as possible.

      4.  What do you feel you should have been acknowledged for but weren’t? Okay, this is a little too personal for me to respond to directly.

      5.  What disappointments or regrets did you experience this past year? Where did you let yourself down? Where did you let others down?

      6.  What was missing from last year as you look back? Again, look at each major area of your life. Don’t focus now on having to do anything about it. For now, just list each item.

      7.  What were the major life-lessons you learned this past year? Boil this down to a few short, pithy statements. It took me about an hour to go through this exercise. But it was well-worth the effort. So often, life goes by so fast that we don’t take time to process it.

Now that you have your list, it is time to acknowledge the past and complete it. It’s over. There’s nothing you can do to change it. This is hugely important. What was done was done. It’s time to close that chapter and turn to the next one.


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