Remodel, Here We Come!

June 13, 2013




On Sunday I announced that the leadership of the church has been working for the last 3-6 months figuring out our space issues at Eastside. Remember we have gone from an average attendance of 350 to an average attendance of 531 in one year. We now have a simple game plan. With game plan in hand, Eastside is now entering into a 6-week season of “remodeling” the facilities at Eastside. The price tag is roughly $70,000.00. Why?

Three primary reasons: 

  1. Excellent Facilities – Approximately $35,000.00 is going toward deferred maintenance. We are replacing carpet in over 7,000 sq feet and re-painting over 10,000 sq feet. In these areas the carpet and paint are original with the facilities, which is 10 years old.
  2. Provide MORE space for our growing children’s ministries (K-5th Grade). The solution to providing more space for our children’s ministries is to move them downstairs on the main floor. This will prevent families from going upstairs to check their children in at registration. All parents should be smiling NOW. We will move staff offices upstairs.
  3. Provide MORE CAFÉ space – with the elimination of rooms 123 and 124 then our café space on Sunday mornings will double.

What are NEXT STEPS?

  1. Funding – Need to raise approximately $40,000.00 dollars. We have had some people already step up and donate. Please visit to donate online. Go to Designated Funds Drop Down Menu then choose REMODEL 2013.
  2. Monday, June 17 – staff offices will be packed up and put in storage in room #119. Staff will be operating from various rooms on campus and off campus.
  3. Beginning Monday, June 17 – demolition of office suites, rooms 123 and 124 and removing of wall in café that enters into preschool area.
  4. Once the downstairs remodeling is completed, then children’s ministries will move downstairs.
  5. Upstairs will be remodeled, then staff offices will move in.


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