Reproducing Disciples

July 1, 2012



Discipleship is all about multiplication and reproducing. In fact, a disciple is someone who disciples another who then in turn disciples another person and the process continues until the entire world is reach for Jesus. There are a wide variety of strategies on the market today to accomplish this process. The most practical model I am familiar with comes from Dr. Bob Logan. This model is based on the ministry of Jesus with his 12 disciples.

5 Step Discipling Process:

1. I do you watch – I did it and you were passive and then we debriefed.

2. I do you help – I gave you small assignments. You began to do more and more.

3. You do, I help – (about halfway through) You began to do more and more. I assist.

4. You do, I watch – You are leading the entire time. Then we talked and debrief.

5. You do and someone else watches.

If you follow this process then you will never lack for leaders. This is proven model – see 2 Timothy 2:2.  I would encourage every staff member, every small group leader, every parent to adopt this discipling process.

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