Sanctuary Makeover Update

October 11, 2010


Dear Friends,

Last Thursday Eastside’s Elders, Business Administration Team, and some of the worship team received the following proposal from the group Church Solutions. I think you will find the following images very insightful.

At this time, we are praying about what our next steps should be in pursuing this. The proposal from Church Solutions Group includes the following: adding all new stage lighting, new video projectors and screens, new speakers to be hung from the ceiling. In addition, we would be able to add over 100 new chairs to the sanctuary. This proposal is Eastside’s chance of getting everything correct for once. However, the proposal presented as is is very expensive like $80,000.00 plus.

I would ask for you to join us in praying about this endeavor. Please share any thoughts or comments you have with us by emailing me at I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for your prayers and love,

Pastor Virgil


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