Seven Habits Of A Highly Effective Church Staff

March 31, 2014


Seven Habits Of A Highly Effective Church Staff

A good friend of mine, Bruce Smith, has taken Dr. Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and has added his own twist to them for staff members of local churches. He refers to them as “Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Church Staff.” Here they are with my own explanations:

1. Manage your personal life well. Your personal domain is the most important domain to manage. What do you have to manage? I would suggest that the top three items for any staff member should be time, family, and finances. The health of this habit impacts the remaining habits on this list. 

2. Keep your tanks full. Each staff member has the personal responsibility to keep his or her emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and relational tanks full. This is accomplished through self-awareness and intentionality on behalf of each staff member. I know that I have to be intentional by creating space on my calendar for each one of these aspects. For example, I place my workouts on my weekly calendar.

3. Give all your jobs away. This is one of the greatest attributes of any staff member. I know this is a constant struggle for me to give away everything except what I ONLY can do.

4. Show up with energy and positivity. This is a choice that each staff member must make each day. Attitude is always a choice. As a senior pastor, I don’t believe in paying any staff member for a bad attitude because I can receive that for FREE!

5. Network with “best practitioners.” This is a critical habit for me. I know this has one been one of my biggest lifelines in ministry. I have had some great ministry friends over the years that have helped me in my pursuit of leading a local church. I am thankful for people like Bob Bumgarner, Richard Adams, Darryl Wilson, Jim Harris, Keith Strasburger, Doug Strader, Vernon Cole, Bruce Smith, and many others.

6. Every hour you are paid comes from tithes, so manage your time well. This is so important for each staff member to remember this reality. Our pay comes from the generous supporters of those who believe in the vision and the mission of the church.

7. Understand there must exist a balance between cause, corporate, and community. The “cause” of a church has to be known for a church to be effective. The scriptures give us a quick answer as to what the cause is supposed to be. The cause is to make disciples of all nations – Matthew 28:18-20. The second vital component is the community side of church life. Community is all about the living connections people make relationally. It is not about types of meetings or activities it’s about connecting in personal ways with those you worship with. The third component is corporate. This component is what helps the cause and community to be a reality. Budget, buildings, and staff are all elements of the corporate side of church life.

What are your thoughts about these Seven Habits? What would you change? What would you add?



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