Some Random Thoughts

June 29, 2011


Dear E-News Friends,

Here are some random thoughts that I am having….

1. I am really PUMPED, JUICED, BLOWN AWAY to hear about what God is doing in and among our youth group as they are at youth camp this week. I have heard from several different sources that God is at work BIG TIME. Praise the Lord. Pray for them as they finish up the week.

2. I am looking for at least 10-12 people to join my MasterLife Small Group in August. MasterLife is 21 week intense Bible Study that will help you to move from being a “babe” in Christ to a Spiritual Parent. We will meet on Wednesday Nights from 6:15pm to 7:30pm. You will have 5 days of homework each week. Each evening of homework will take about 20 minutes of your time. If you miss a session you have to make it up. If you want to go deeper in your spiritual walk this may be just for you.

3. Continue to pray for our search for a worship leader and a worship producer.  We are back to square one in our search. This is a very important ministry position at Eastside.

4. This Sunday we are going to observe COMMUNION. I hope you will be attendance.

5. Interesting in hosting a child from Guatemala? Faces of Culture Exchange (an organization in Guatemala and partner with Madison Board of Education) are needing host families for 9 high school students (5 girls and 4 boys). Here are some of the details:

  • The cultural ambassadors will arrive mid October and be here 8 weeks, leaving in December
  • They will have a school schedule separate from the host child and be introduced to a group of kids that will support  them during their time….
  • The host families only supplied supper and a place to stay, Faces of Culture will provide money to purchase lunch or breakfast from our cafeterias if desired by host families
  • The cultural ambassadors come with their own medical insurance and spending money

6. Don’t forget that Eastside now has online giving available. Visit and click on the donate now button.

7. Remember that I love each one of you. If you need anything please know that I am always available.

Love and Prayers,

Pastor Virgil

PS Beverly is doing much better. Keep praying for her though.


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