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April 19, 2013


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What are the responsibilities of Eastside’s staff team members? What type of staff member’s do we have at Eastside…Individual Stars? Silo Builders? Team Members? Team Leaders? Quarterbacks? Or do they serve at the discretion of the senior leader?

At Eastside, I have outlined four primary functions or responsibilities of each staff team member. Why did I outline these responsibilities for our staff team members? These functions will help move people toward being Fully Surrendered (AKA A Disciple). ¬†That’s the FINAL EXAM for all of us. What does being Fully Surrendered look like? What’s your understanding of this phrase? Here are a couple of my attempts…

  • Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in my life.¬†
  • I am ALL in!
  • I DESIRE to surrender and sacrifice my time, talents, treasurers, and my plans to God’s Will for my life.
  • To be LIKE Jesus in everything I do, I say, and in all my thoughts

Staff’s Primary Responsibilities At Eastside:

1. Be a DISCIPLE of Jesus and be a DISCIPLE MAKER – This is each staff member’s primary responsibility. Why? First, it’s biblical. Second, it’s in alignment with Eastside’s vision–Disciples Making Disciples. Third, it emulates the life Jesus. Each staff member is to sit at the feet of Jesus daily then the overflow from sitting at the feet of Jesus is to disciple others.

2. Building effective teams that continues to get 2% better each week. At Eastside we value teams. Why? We believe in the power of “Collective IQ” – none one is smarter than all of us. Diversity is the key to having a powerful team. If each staff member leads their ministry to getting 2% better each week then within an year of time they will be 100% better. To get 2% better means that each team continues to evaluate, correct, and advance.

3. Challenge people to get connected in a small group, serving ministry, or to move toward being fully surrenedered. In other words, they have to challenge people in their realm of influence to continue to grow and develop.

4. Finally, Eastside is constantly thinking like a church of 1,000. We are currently running a little over 500 in worship, however, we believe that we will be at 1,000 in worship over the next couple years. So, we have to start NOW thinking and acting like a church of 1,000. We believe that our focus on disciplining and investing in people is going to continue to be contagious and explosive. Thus more people will be involved.

Here are a list of our current staff team members:

Virgil Grant – Senior Pastor – Full-Time
Nicole Chaney – Admin Assistant – Full-Time
Carla Perry – Connexions Director – Full-Time
Billy Edwards – Youth Pastor – Full-Time
Clerrinda Queen – Children’s Director – Full-Time
Greg Gillum – Small Group Pastor – Full-Time
Vivian Wallace – Bridge Events Director – Full-Time Volunteer
Nancy Morgan- Interim Preschool Director – Part-Time
Mike Eckler – Worship Leader – Part-Time
Charles Judd – Tech, Media, Graphic Designer, & Worship Planner – Part-Time


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