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February 11, 2010


Dear Church Family & Friends,

Dan Robertson, Eastside’s Youth Minister, has resign from his position effective February 28, 2010. Click here to read his resignation letter, which was sent out earlier this week.

Many of you have been asking the question, “What is next?”  Here is the initial process as outlined by Eastside’s Elders:

1. Pray,pray, then pray some more for the days  that lie ahead.

2. The elders have formed an interim youth leadership team to provide leadership and direction for the youth department. This team (with proper communication to the staff team and elders) will make the day-to-day decisions for the youth department.

3. Members of the interim youth leadership team are: Renee Grant, Amanda Agee, Donnie Proffitt (all three of these are currently serving in the youth department as small group leaders), and Billy Edwards. Please pray for this team as they get started.

4. We are waiting on the Lord to provide us direction as to the next step we are to take.  Do we call someone part-time? Full-time? When do we make this decision, if at all? The reason we have a “wait and see” mindset is due to the fact that we believe that God can use people who are already at Eastside to build on what Dan has established and built. 

The interim youth leadership team is in agreement with the elders as it relates to taking time to reflect, to pray, and to wait on the Lord for his direction.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact one of the elders (Pastor Virgil, Chris Clark, or Larry Taulbee).


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