Thank You For My Freedom

May 27, 2012



Let’s all remember what MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND is about… a time to honor and remember those soldiers who paid the costliest price with their lives for the ideals and blessings we freely enjoy. Memorial Day is a day unlike any other. Since 1868 Americans have come together in communities, towns and villages, to place flowers and flags on the graves of those who have given their all for their country and to remember. More than a million American soldiers have died in wars and conflicts since 1775. Every time we hear news of the latest American casualties in Afghanistan, remember, it’s not a body count. It’s not a statistic. It’s somebody’s child. Somebody’s spouse. Some little guy or gal’s daddy that’s coming home in a flag draped coffin.

“Greater love has no one than this; to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” John 15:13.

Make it a priority to be in worship each Sunday…A great price has been paid for us to have the freedom to worship how we please.

Pastor Virgil

PS This is my uncle Virgil Ray Grant who I am named after. I have his American Flag and Purple Heart. He was killed in the Korea Conflict while serving our country.


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