The Necessity of Clarity

July 31, 2012


Dear Friends,

My goal at the beginning of 2012 was for every attender at Eastside to be able to repeat our VISION. Can you repeat Eastside’s vision? Our vision is Disciples Making Disciples. Repeat the vision again to yourself. Now repeat the vision out loud.

I now have a desire for each Eastside attender to not only be able to repeat our vision – What is our vision? That’s right, it’s Disciples Making Disciples. Good job. – but also be able to answer a few more questions as it relates to making disciples.

Here are the additional questions:

What is a disciple? This is a critical question that we must have clarity on if we are going to make disciples. The standard answer which should be given for this question is Matthew 4:19. Look this verse up in your Bible and mark it. In Matthew 4:19 Jesus provides us with three attributes of a disciple. A disciple is someone….

1. Who KNOWS and FOLLOWS Jesus (Head)
2. Who is being CHANGED by Jesus (Heart)
3. Who is on MISSION with Jesus (Hands)

Have you seen Matthew 4:19 or the head, heart, and hands any where lately? This is plastered on our wall in our worship center.

How are disciples made? What is our methodology for making disciples? The answer to this question is one word – relationships. When you think about Jesus, he made disciples because he hung out with his disciples. He was in a relationship with them. You cannot make disciples unless you are in a relationship with others.

How do we know if we have hit our target or accomplish our purpose? We have made a disciple when that disciple can make other disciples.

What is the main arena in which we make disciples? Small Groups.

My goal is help each person at Eastside to be able to answer these questions on the spot. If we can accomplish this then we are well on our way to having tremendous clarity as local congregation and being aligned with the Word of God.

See you Sunday,

Pastor VG

PS We will have a very unique service on Sunday. You do not want to be LATE. BE EARLY and ON TIME. We will be serving communion. 


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