The Need for Clarity

January 7, 2010


Over the last month, I have been thinking, praying, and contemplating the word — CLARITY! Clarity is being used by many differnt people. There is even a Clarity Evangelist named Will Mancini. I personally love this word. I appreciate Will Mancini for bringing this word to the forefront of our minds. I think it’s what’s needed in the “church world” and for church leaders.

I believe Eastside has done a wonderful job over the last 3 years in simplifying our focus and strategy as a church family.  We have done an excellent job of saying, “Here are the core non-negotiables for us: Worship, Small Groups, and Serving. We advocate that each person associated with Eastside be involved in these three spiritual disciplines each week.

Now, comes the difficult process of providing clarity for us as a congregation. Clarity for me is being able to see Eastside/Ministry through God’s eyes or His perspective. God’s perspective on an issue, event, or a relationship is crucial for spiritual empowerment, and spiritual endurance.  Clarity for me is being able to move from promoting an event or activity to promoting the man, JESUS! I think we make way to much of an upcoming event, an upcoming activity and don’t make enough of JESUS! If you don’t believe me just take a look at my own blog.

Please pray for me as I continue to seek God’s face, God’s glory, God’s majesty, and His Clarity for Eastside and for my life.

Love and Prayers,

Pastor VG

PS See you Sunday snow or no snow.


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