The New Normal

September 4, 2012


The New Normal which I am referring to is NOT the new sitcom which NBC is airing on Tuesday, September 11th. The New Normal for NBC are homosexual families rearing children.

The NEW NORMAL which I am referring to is the “way” which we do church.  What I am about to share will probably be met with some resistance.  The push back will be in the form of this: this is not our DNA. This is NOT how I grew up “doing” church. We have never done church like that before. I understand all of those concerns. My responsibility and the responsibility of our staff team is to point people to JESUS. Allow me to explain…

The NEW NORMAL at Eastside is for everyone associate with our church to begin the move from being a spectator to being a participate. In other words, we need people to get involved in the game.  We are asking everyone at Eastside to make the transition from being a “fan” to be a “follower” of Christ. The biggest hindrance to reaching the lost for Jesus is not more money, more programs, or more parking lots rather it is more laborers who will invest in the harvest (see Matthew 9:35ff). To start serving at Eastside please contact Greg at

The NEW NORMAL at Eastside is to make hospitality/love/warmth start as soon as someone pulls on to our campus. We want Eastside to be a very warm and friendly place. We want Eastside to feel like home. This is why we now having a parking team ministry, a hospitality team ministry, a first impression team, etc.  The Bible says in John 13:34-35 that they will know that we are his disciples if we have love for one another. If you would like to serve in the arena of first impression or connexions then please contact Carla at

The NEW NORMAL at Eastside is for everyone to be a disciple of Christ and to be a disciple maker. I understand that not everyone at Eastside wants to be a disciple of Christ. Not everyone who hung out with Jesus wanted to be his disciple (think Judas and the religious leaders).  The Great Commission (see Matthew 28:18-20) is not an option for Christians to opt out of. Making disciples is mandatory for followers of Christ.

The NEW NORMAl at Eastside is really making Jesus our primary model rather than our previous church experience or the church down the road. So the next time someone asks you to serve, to give, or to park in a parking space that is not your normal parking place – ask yourself the question, “What Would Jesus Do?”



  1. Mark Wickersham says: September 4, 2012


    I am a member of Kirksville Baptist Church, but attend, a long with my boys, some of your programs. It sounds like you are embarking on a new, important, Christ-lead ministry. Good luck and I hope and pray that Jesus is lifted up in all that you do!


    • Virgil says: September 4, 2012

      Mark, Yes. We are seeking to be really intentional in all we are doing. We are seeking to point all people to THE MODEl – JESUS. It is exciting around here. We have had 52 new members this year. We are averaging around 400 people each week and launching our second worship service this weekend. Thanks for your prayers.

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