The Power of Alignment

November 9, 2011


Dear E-News Friends,

Near the end of his great ministry in London, England, the late Charles Spurgeon reportedly said, “I knew God could save the world without me, but when I found out I could help I praised His name for it.”

Each of us can say the same thing, God has given us an opportunity to help reach others with the Good News of the Gospel. We praise Him for enabling us to share in the work of His Kingdom.

In the coming year, we will be trying to align all that our church does in a more focused response to the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20). Eastside’s Vision is Disciples Making Disciples. Our plan to move toward fulfilling this vision is to create biblical disciples in relational environments (A.K.A Eastside’s Mission). Our goals for 2012 are very straight forward:

1. Everyone associated with Eastside to be able to recite our vision and mission statements:

Vision Statement: Disciples Making Disciples
Mission Statement: Creating biblical disciples in relational environments

2. Have 125 people participate in a mission trip outside of Madison County (BTW, Eastside’s first mission trip of 2012 is scheduled for January 12-19, 2012. If interested in learning more contact Chris Hager at or at 661-5035 or Pastor Virgil.

3. Witness 60 people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We calling this effort the Empty Chair. Each small group is encouraged to have an empty chair present each week they meet. The empty chair represents those who do not know Christ.

4. Have 50 small groups at Eastside.


Taya and Jonathan Sharp
Carmel Lympany

Love and Prayers,

Pastor VG


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