The Power Of Digital Invites

March 10, 2014


Dear Friends,

In the past, Eastside started intentionally promoting our various BUZZ Events and Sermon Series through the use of printed postcards. We would get 1,000 postcards printed and delivered for around $60.00. Here is an example of the postcards we printed:



After investing time and much resources into producing various postcards; we have decided to move to a digital invite. I call them digital invites because I mainly send them out through text messages to various groups and sub-groups in our church family. For example, I usually send a digital invite out to our staff team members who then forward the digital invite out to their volunteers and team leaders. Our small group leader forwards the digital invite out to all small group leaders in an effort to encourage their members to forward it out to their friends.

As a staff team we post the appropriate digital invite on all our social media outlets.

Prior to each sermon series, the digital invite is sent out with a ready to send text message enclosed for easy forwarding. Here is a sample text message I sent out for February’s Sermon Series:

Here is a ready to send text message for our new sermon series, From This Day Forward. Thank you for all you do to make disciples:

Tired of watching marriages crumble? Fed up with couples giving up? Join the fight against destruction and make 4 commitments to fail proof your marriage. Sermon series begins Sunday, Feb. 2. 


Here is a sample text message I sent out for January’s Sermon Series:

Here is a text ready message that you send out to those who are you are trying to reach for Christ:

Do you need to know the will of God for your life? Need help understanding what God is telling you about your family, job, or school? Don’t miss this 4 week sermon series. I look forward to seeing you Sunday. 


What would add? What would you change? How could your ministry leverage this concept of digital invites?


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