The Power of God

June 17, 2013



Over the past year Eastside has been on a wonderful journey of spiritual and numerical growth. What has been the impetus for this growth? There are many variables to consider, for example: great volunteers, clarity of vision and mission, wonderful staff team, awesome members of the church who gets it, experienced coaches working with the staff team, and many more factors.

However, I would make the argument that the two primary driving forces behind the growth is the power of God and hard work from everyone involved. With the emphasis being on the power of God.

When God shows up and shows off it is powerful. The power is felt in a couple of different ways:

First, it is the power of Christians being ENGAGED. Christians are alive, focused, and sacrificing their time, talents, treasurers, and plans for the kingdom of God.

Second, it is the power of Christians being TRANSFORMED. We are witnessing numerous people coming to The Lord. We have had 20 baptisms since January 1, 2013. Babes in Christ starting to grow and growing Christians moving on to being fully surrendered. We are also witnessing numerous Christians stepping up to serve.

Third, the power is felt in constant ADAPTATION and LEARNING. As a church, we have learned a lot over the last year. We have made multiple changes and adjustments to items we have implemented. Our plan is always being adjusted. We don’t have it figured out.

Finally, the power is felt in the FORWARD MOTION that is created. We are constantly growing, therefore, there is a strong forward motion of growth. We are excited to see what will happen next.


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