Thoughts About Discipleship

November 16, 2012


Eastside’s Vision is Disciples Making Disciples. 

Eastside’s Mission is creating biblical disciples in relational environments.


1. How have you made disciples this past week?

2. How are you discipling your children, spouse, family members?

3. As a disciple of Jesus, how is He calling you to fully surrender to Him?

4. Three parts to making disciples: your part, their part, and God’s part. How are you trying to do God’s part in your discipling relationships?

5. Most disciple makers violates several key ground rules when discipling others, for example:

  • Disciple makers try to fix others. Don’t try to fix your disciples rather try to hear what they are sharing. Allow the Holy Spirit to do His part.
  • Disciple makers try to rescue others. Don’t rescue your disciples rather allow them to wrestle with what is before them. Encourage them to seek Jesus and His perspective.
  • Finally, make sure that as a disciple maker that you use “I” statements. Speak from your personal experience rather than using generic terms like “them”, “the church”, or “us”, etc.

6. What have you learned this week in your journey of becoming more like Christ?

I hope to see you on Sunday.


  1. Zak Kratzer says: November 17, 2012

    Like this. In particular the fact that sometimes we try to “fix” other peoples problems, as if our wisdom was what that person needs. But this can take God out of the equation. Definitely better to let the Holy Spirit speak to that person.

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