Tithes & Offerings Report (Jan – June)

July 8, 2010


Dear Eastside Family,

I would like to give you a quick update on your FAITHFULNESS in the arena of financial giving.  Your faithfulness in this arena has allowed us to continue to shine as a bright light in a dark and gloomy world. Thank you for your on-going giving to the ministries of Eastside.

Here is a re-cap of year-to-date giving (January to June 2010):

Regular tithes and offerings: $197,039.10
Designated money for building payment: $29,270.00
Other designated money received: $ 801.91
Faith Promise Giving: $36,992.54

TOTAL GIVING: $264,103.55

RE-cap of mission donations for year-to-date:

International mission trip to Guatemala: $11,030.57
Noah’s Ark Spring Consignment Sale donations: $5,750.00
Local mission (5% of total regular offering): $9,777.69
Cooperative Program (5% of total regular offering) $9,777.69
Campus Outreach: $2,200.00
Haiti Relief Efforts: $3,810.54
God’s Outreach Food Pantry: $1,390.00
Designated Mission Funds for families in Richmond: $2,537.00
Youth Mission Trip: $8,961.90
Feed My Starving Children: $8,070.49


Please note the above mission giving does not include any funds from Faith Promise Giving. All of our FPG Funds are still in designated account.

Way to go, Eastsiders. You are the BEST!!!!!!!

I love being your pastor,

Pastor VG

P.S. Today is my wonderful wife’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Rose.


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