Top 10 Quotes From The One-Life Solution Book by Dr. Henry Cloud

May 23, 2014


I just finished reading the book “The One-Life Solution Book: Reclaim Your Personal Life While Achieving Greater Professional Success” by Dr. Henry Cloud. I absolutely loved this book for three reasons. First, it has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the roles of boundaries in one’s success. Second, the book has given me deeper perspective into how the lack of boundaries in one’s life contributes to poor time management. In fact, I’m going to revamp my time management class as a result of reading this book. Third, this book provides very important tools and principles for success in life.

The focus of the book is to help each reader to develop a particular set of abilities a strong identity provides. This consists of the ability to:

  • Experience oneself as separate and differentiated from others.
  • Contain destruction and keep it from spreading.
  • Define oneself and know who you are.
  • Set limits when needed.
  • Possess and live out values, and
  • Have self-control and thereby be free and autonomous.

Top 10 Quotes:

  1. We are not trying to gain control of other people or of all the circumstances or even all of the outcomes. Those things will take care of themselves as you gain control of the only thing you can every control – yourself.
  2. Most people are so caught up in trying to control the things they cannot control –other people, circumstances, or outcomes–that in the process they lose control of themselves.
  3. A leader who cannot relish strong and differentiated team member loses the benefit of having them around in the first place, and instead develops a team that is merely an extension of himself and subject to all the diseases and foibles that exist in his own head.
  4. Control over yourself is the essence of true power.
  5. Your times is your life. Period. How you spend it ends up being what your life is.
  6. Time management has more to do with who we are as people — our boundaries — then it does with which system we use.
  7. Your time and your energy are the two biggest resources you have.
  8. To avoid taking responsibility for one’s side of something is one of the ultimate killers in any relationship, personal or professional.
  9. It is a choice to make something a “nonchoice.”
  10. Find the misery, and then make a personal rule that will keep it from happening.

How are you on your boundaries? How healthy are your boundaries?


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