Trustworthiness in Action: Build it Using these 10 “T’s”

May 24, 2015


#1 Trustworthy leadership Very simply, a culture of trust cannot exist with an untrustworthy leader.

#2 Transformation – Productivity and execution begin when the CEO creates a set of values and goals that are shared, accepted and adopted by all stakeholders.

#3 Tools – There are many trust tools CEOs can use to build trust with their internal and external stakeholders. These run the gamut from metrics and assessments to online surveys.

#4 Treatment – The Golden Rule says to “treat others the way you want to be treated.” This certainly holds true for trust.

#5 Teamwork – Teamwork leads to better decisions and better outcomes. Teams create trust, and trust creates teams.

#6 Talk – Your stakeholders need to know what steps you are taking to build a trustworthy organization. Quarterly numbers are no longer the be all and end all.

#7 Truth Truth-telling is at the core of trust. Any CEO who wants to build a trustworthy organization must have an extremely comfortable relationship with the truth.

#8 Time  Building a culture of trustworthy business does not happen overnight.  It takes time, maybe even years – but not decades.

#9 Transparency Merriam Webster defines “transparent” as visibility or accessibility of information, especially with business practices.  Any CEO who thinks he or she can still hide behind a veil of secrecy need only spend a few minutes on social media reading what their stakeholders are saying.

#10 Thoughtful Not all stakeholders need to know the company’s trade secrets, or what the CEO had for dinner. But if your company is serious about increasing trustworthiness, consider engaging all your stakeholders in rich, thoughtful conversations.


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– This post is adapted from Barbara Brooks Kimmel


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