Update on Staff Changes

June 2, 2011




Dear Friends,

I love doing life with the staff team at Eastside. Eastside is very blessed to have the staff team we do. Our staff is AWESOME. There is no other to describe it. As we are doing life together we get to witness the activity of God in each other’s lives. That is the reason that the author of the book of Ecclesiastes says, “There is a time and a season for everything….” (3:1-8). Things are always changing and moving. The same is true with Eastside’s staff. Here are a couple updates on staffing changes:

1. Brooke Taulbee, Eastside’s Preschool Director, is moving up from 1/2 time to 3/4 quarters of full-time. Brooke will continue to lead the charge in Eastside’s Preschool Department but her goal is to expand the vision and the outreach of this department.  Great days are ahead of us in the department due to Brooke’s continued leadership.

2. Worship Leader – After much prayer and consideration, the leadership of the church has decided to divide the worship leader’s position into 2 positions. Eastside is currently seeking to fulfill these two positions. (If the right person came along we would make this one full-time position as well).

a. First position is that of a worship leader who will be solely responsible for working with the praise team, selecting songs for each weekend, and conducting praise practice.

b. Second position is that of a cultivator of worship/worship producer who would be responsible for planning the order of worship each week; recruit, develop, and provide training for each of the following teams: lighting, video, computer, sound, stage props, drama, stage design. This person would also work with the worship leader . This person would simply be the worship producer who would help us to pull of our weekly worship gathering without a hitch.

Currently, I have spoken with several different people about one or both of these positions. I have several other people that I am currently speak with as well. Continue to pray for the right people or the right person to emerge.

Nelson and I agreed that his “last official day” as Eastside’s Worship Leader will be Sunday, August 28, 2011. Nelson and his family plans to stay on at Eastside and to be a part of the worship ministry.

If you have any recommendations for either a worship leader or a cultivator of worship (worship producer) then please forward me their names and contact information.

Love and Prayers,

Pastor VG



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