April 27, 2011


Dear E-News Friends,

A couple of weeks ago Eastside was suppose to vote on the following motion: (Click here to see the previous article). However, I got all worked up with the sermon on idolatry and forget to do the vote. So this Sunday we will vote before I get all worked up with the sermon 🙂 and forget. This is just a formality.

Here is what Eastside’s lawyer is asking us to approve so that we will be squeaky clean as an organization.

Resolution of Membership:

1. That the members adopt the Articles of Guidance as the by-laws of the church; and

2. That the members acknowledge that the persons serving as elders from time to time act as the board of directors of the Church.

3. That the Church adopt the assumed name of Eastside Community Church and the filed such paperwork with the KY Secretary of State as is necessary to accomplish that.

Have a great day,

Pastor VG



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