Weekend Reflections & Highlights

November 16, 2009


Small Group Picture 7Dear Friends,

Yesterday was an AWESOME day for Eastside. We experienced the following…

1. 380 people in WORSHIP ATTENDANCE. DANG that is a lot of people. Unbelieveable. Way to go, Eastside.

2. Baptized 2 people. Welcome, Jolynn Fleeman and Kevin Spivey to the fellowship.

3.  Affirmed two new elders at Eastside. Click here to learn more about who are Eastside’s Elders.

4. Drink Coffee Do Good Promotion went really well. Eastside purchased 47 bags of coffee and gobbled up over 200 cups of coffee. Thanks for supporting Rwanda Farmers in their quest for sustainability. We have 3 bags of coffee left if anyone would like to purchase them.

5.  Great small group session last night. I love my small groups.

6.  A lot of new guest in attendance as well.

7. Most importantly, God was honored. Everything we do is about and for God’s glory.

Not to us but to His name be the GLORY,

Pastor VG


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